Robber shoots himself in leg in store heist

Police take statements at the MTN at Traduna Mall
Picture: Werner Hills

An armed robber proved less than deft when he managed to shoot himself in the leg during a scuffle with an employee of the Central cellphone store he and two others were robbing yesterday.

He was forced to limp away moments after the three gunmen held up staff at the MTN outlet in Traduna Mall in Govan Mbeki Avenue at about 9am.

According to police, the robbers entered the shop posing as clients before holding up staff at gunpoint and forcing them to the back of the store.

Police spokeswoman Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said that when the three suspects were inside the shop, they produced firearms.

“At the time, there were four staff members inside the shop. They were all threatened and told to hand over their cellphones before being ushered to the back room where the walk-in stock safe is kept.

“The men demanded the safe be opened but there is a delay on the opening,” she said.

“During this delay, one of the suspects got into a scuffle with a female employee. While the scuffle was happening, the suspect pulled out a firearm and the woman managed to grab it, resulting in the suspect shooting himself in the leg.”

The men then grabbed cellphones and laptops and fled.

The value of the stolen goods has yet to be established.

A case of armed robbery is under investigation.

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