‘Landmine’ traffic circle modified and properly lit

Residents are relieved the dangerous traffic circle in Circular Drive has been streamlined
Picture: Eugene Coetzee

A traffic circle at the centre of numerous car accidents and controversy has been given a facelift, which officials hope will increase safety along Circular Drive.

The Herald reported earlier this month that the “landmine” traffic circle had been the site of about 19 accidents since its construction in December, with residents complaining that a raised section at the centre of the circle was too small and poorly marked.

Residents were also concerned about the circle’s lack of visibility at night.

However, many rejoiced when the centre portion was removed and LED lights were installed a few weeks ago.

“It seems these measures are really working, because I have not heard of another accident since the changes were made,” Melanie Botes, who lives nearby, said.

“The metro added lights last weekend and I believe it will make a difference.”

Rego Burger, a resident who was leading the charge to alter the circle, was also pleased with the new facade.

“I appreciate Yusuf Gaffore [the metro’s director of roads, storm water and transportation] implementing the improvement so promptly, and ward councillor Morne Steyn for facilitating a meeting between Gaffore and residents,” Burger said.

“Naturally, we are saddened we could not have saved motorists earlier.”

But the changes would reduce the accident impact rate, he said.

Steyn said the decision to revisit the design of the circle was a result of this meeting with the residents.

“The engineer indicated before that the circle was designed according to specification, but after the meeting it was decided that the metro would accommodate the residents,” he said.

“The lighting and new rumble strips should ensure road safety.”

Steyn warned that the circle might undergo further changes in the future.

“The planned upgrades for this road, which is included in this financial year’s budget, will start by the end of the year, which means the circle might not look like this for long.”

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