Five dead, eight injured in gang wars

Five people have been killed and eight injured in a spate of gang-related attacks in the past five days.

The attacks began when Upstand Dogs gang affiliates Hillerion Jacobs and Dane Oosthuizen, both 27, were gunned down inside their vehicle in Gelvandale on Thursday night.

Since then, rival gangs have set upon each other, prompting police to rethink their approach.

Yesterday morning at the police Operational Command Centre, commanders and gang unit members were forced to change their operational plans in a bid to quell the ongoing war.

The latest shooting took place in Gelvandale at about 10am yesterday when a suspected gang member was shot in the back.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said that two men, aged 19 and 26, and a woman, 26 – who are not being named to prevent further retaliation attacks – were standing at an empty shack.

“Two men behind the shack fired through [it]. The woman was hit in the back and another man’s face was grazed by the bullet,” she said.

Police say the latest spate of shootings includes some outside the known “hot spot” gang areas.

In May, police revealed that gangsters were branching out into smaller towns across the Eastern Cape and Garden Route.

Naidu said that the Provincial Gang Unit was monitoring gang movement.

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