‘Community police shot at me’

Rudy van Greunen shows damage to his car incurred during a shooting incident
Picture: Mark West

Motorist opens case of attempted murder after car windows shattered

After being boxed in by three cars sporting flashing lights and shot at by men clad in security vests, Port Elizabeth security company employee Rudy van Greunen is demanding answers from the Algoa Park community policing forum whose members, he says, shot at him.

And while police spokesman Captain Johann Rheeder said investigations would still reveal whether or not the alleged shooters were community policing forum (CPF) members, he confirmed a case of attempted murder was opened at the Algoa Park police station.

Marius Township resident Van Greunen remains baffled by the situation which unfolded on Friday night at about 10pm.

He said he was left shaken and three windows were shot out of his company’s red Golf as he tried to evade at least 10 men who shot at him from three separate cars.

All of the men allegedly wore neon, branded police bibs.

The security manager at Cras Security said he had dropped off a colleague in Algoa Park moments before the three vehicles surrounded him.

He said the occupants had insisted he pull over. He said: “I stopped at the four way stop in Algoa Park and noticed I was being followed by two Golfs and a Uno.

“As I stopped all three cars turned on flashing lights similar to police [lights] but the light was white like the ones you buy at Midas,” Van Greunen said.

Realising the vehicles were not branded police cars, he continued driving in the direction of Young Park.

“While I was driving, they drove beside with windows down, shouting I must pull over.

“As I stopped at the robots, the first shot went off and went through the back window. I put on my hazards and sped towards my home.”

He alleges the three cars gave chase, firing shots from all three vehicles as they raced towards his Vermooten Street home, where he and his passenger jumped out of the vehicle and raced into his house.

“They were hanging out the side of the cars shooting at us. After we ran into the house they arrived and all of them got out and stood in my yard and fired a few rounds [before] disappearing in their cars. I still don’t know why they shot at us,” Van Greunen said.

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