Karabo Mokoena’s alleged killer believes she committed suicide

Karabo Mokoena’s body was burnt beyond recognition
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The man accused of murdering 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena‚ who was found burnt beyond recognition in Lyndhurst on April 28‚ believes she committed suicide.

On Friday Sandile Mantsoe also refuted claims that he murdered her as part of a blood ritual done to advance his business.

“I further deny that I disclosed to the police officer that I killed Karabo. If such a statement was made it would have been a confession‚” said Mantsoe’s affidavit‚ which was read out in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court by his lawyer‚ Victor Simelane.

Mantsoe added that such would have amounted to a confession and would have been done before a commissioner of oaths.

A statement from the investigating officer in the matter‚ submitted to the court last month‚ stated that Mantsoe claimed he and Mokoena had performed a blood ritual which was to strengthen his business interests.

The couple reportedly had matching crucifix tattoos. In his responding affidavit‚ Mantsoe said “not even a single tattoo appears on my body” and was willing to show this to the court.

He said that just like any other business‚ his too had ups and downs but he was able to pay his debts.

He refuted claims that his business deteriorated because of a so-called jinx which came about after his split from Karabo. “Such a matter does not exist‚” Mantsoe’s statement read.

“I maintain that I did not murder Karabo Mokoena.”

Responding to the investigating officer’s statement‚ Mantsoe alleged that he had been threatened with assault when he was arrested on May 10 and forced to write a statement for police on numerous times.

When his bail proceedings began last month‚ his affidavit was read to the court. In it‚ he claimed that he had left for a business meeting on April 27 and returned to find Mokoena dead in his luxury Sandton apartment.

He believed she had finally succeeded in taking her own life.

Mantsoe claimed he had already been painted as an abusive lover and decided to dispose of the body out of panic and fear that he would be accused of killing her.

He carried her lifeless body out using a dustbin‚ took it to Lyndhurst where he burnt it using a tyre‚ petrol and pool acid.

Mantsoe started dating Mokoena in October 2016‚ a month after he separated from his wife.

The 27-year-old is a father of three young children.

His evidence is that Mokoena was temperamental and this led to their relationship being on an off basis.

Mantsoe‚ who has been behind bars since May 10‚ is pleading with the court to grant him bail.

Both the State and his lawyers are to file heads of arguments.

The case returns to court on June 30 where Magistrate Carlo Labuschagne said he would like to give his ruling.

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