Motorists warned of possible protest action in Motherwell area

A woman whose shack was demolished tries to salvages the remains

Motorists using the N2 between Bluewater Bay and the R335 off-ramp, as well as the R335 (Addo road) passing Wells Estate have been urged to drive with caution due to possible protest action.

This comes as protests over the eviction of hundreds of residents who had illegally occupied land in Motherwell and Wells Estate flared up yesterday.

Angry residents clashed with the police and attempted to set a car alight yesterday and five trucks were torched and a car transporting two German tourists was pelted with stones on Monday.

“Police have been deployed on these routes to the safety of all road users while evictions are executed by the Sheriff of the Court in Wells Estate,” police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said.

On Monday, about 300 frames were demolished in NU29 after a sheriff of the court implemented a court order for them to be removed.

Yesterday, a group of about 30 residents watched as the remaining structures were torn down under police guard, but they were adamant that they would rebuild once the police had left.

“The operation will continue until Friday,” Beetge said.

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