Sniffer dogs sent in at Van Rooyen beach excavation site

Gert van Rooyen and Francina ‘Joey’ Haarhoff Picture: Sunday Times archive

Police and forensic investigators spent a second day combing through the sand at Blythedale Beach‚ north of Durban‚ as they followed up on fresh information that they hoped would lead to answers about the whereabouts of paedophile Gert van Rooyen’s murder victims.

The excavation on the beach – which was marked off with crime scene tape on Thursday – saw heavy machinery digging around a cement pipe in the search for remains.

The site is a concrete storm drain which runs from a public toilet onto the beach. Forensic investigators paid particular attention to an area beneath the concrete pipe‚ using spades to shift soft beach sand.

The dig was twice halted temporarily to allow sniffer dogs to rifle through the site. Handler Clinton Odayar and his dog‚ Dante‚ moved through the excavated area – but the exact reasons why the dog was sent are not yet known‚ with police on the scene remaining mum.

Police and forensic investigators broke ground on Wednesday following a fresh lead in the case which has gone cold after nearly three decades.

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