Omotoso supporters call for his release

Supporters of troubled preacher Timothy Omotoso are sharing videos on social media platforms to calling for his release.

A series of five video clips build the case on how Omotoso was allegedly wrongly arrested and shows the good work he had been doing in helping the poor.

One video shows Omotoso preaching in church and then explains the drama and confusion that surrounded his arrest. His attorney Alwyn Griebenow explains how Omotoso’s arrest came about.

Omotoso was refused bail in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s court last week. He faces 22 charges related to contravening the Sexual Offences Act. Two of the charges are rape.

He was arrested in April this year.

Omotoso had allegedly trafficked women and girls from various branches of his church and taken them to a house in Umhlanga Rocks‚ KwaZulu-Natal‚ where they were sexually exploited.
The Nigerian televangelist is a senior pastor of Jesus Dominion International‚ whose headquarters are in Durban‚ with a Port Elizabeth branch in Govan Mbeki Avenue.

Another video shows homeless people saying in chorus: “We remember you father Tim Omotoso. Release father Tim Omotoso. We love you father Tim Omotoso”.

Another video clip shows Omotoso preaching in one of his church services. A group of people line up in front of the altar and later lie on the floor face down.

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