Times Media changes its name to become Tiso Blackstar Group

Tiso Blackstar Group recently moved to Hill on Empire, its new headquarters in Parktown, Johannesburg

Times Media Group‚ one of South Africa’s leading media‚ entertainment and marketing companies‚ is changing its name to Tiso Blackstar Group.

Since the first editions of the The Herald, Sunday Times and Daily Dispatch newspapers more than 100 years ago‚ the group has been producing premium content across all its platforms‚ whether in print or online.

Today‚ as a broad-based‚ multiplatform company‚ Tiso Blackstar Group keeps providing quality content and services to its audiences‚ advertisers and customers across Africa and the world.

It also owns integrated retail service provider Hirt & Carter‚ which uses key systems and marketing technologies to grow brand awareness and sales.

Said Tiso Blackstar CEO Andrew Bonamour: “Our businesses are underpinned by a unique network of media assets‚ a dedication to excellence and a strong entrepreneurial focus. This network differentiates Tiso Blackstar Group from its competitors and is the cornerstone of its sustainability and success.”

Tiso Blackstar is the largest national English publishing group in South Africa and the country’s second-largest digital publisher.

On top of that‚ it owns the largest music and independent film catalogue in Africa‚ as well as TV channels‚ TV production facilities and radio stations in Ghana‚ Kenya‚ Nigeria and South Africa.

Through its eventing arm‚ The Empire‚ Tiso Blackstar has hosted some of South Africa’s most prestigious events.

“Our dedication to quality is central to the group’s mission as we innovate and build across our various divisions‚” Bonamour said. “The values that have built our group for decades remain central to our future and our business. We all have a great responsibility to use our respective platforms to speak the truth with fairness and impartiality.”



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