Calm weather brings relief to firefighters

The calm weather on Sunday brought much needed relief to fire fighters both at Van Stadens Gorge and Rocklands.

Municipal spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said fire fighters on scene have confirmed that fires are finally under control for now.

“Teams on site hope that the weather will not change. They are now able to access difficult areas to completely stop the fire.”Mniki said.

At Van Stadens Gorge and Rocklands areas extinguishing is progressing well with damping down already started.

“Fire fighters at  Woodridge College would also like to confirm that not all the school buildings have burnt to the ground as it was reported in some platforms.” Mniki said

“Under difficult conditions the team on site at Woodridge managed to save some of the buildings at the school.”

Mniki said that teams will remain at the Van Stadens Gorge and Rockland sites to make sure that the fire is over before they can leave.

“Other areas that caught fire in the past three days are under close monitoring with the assistance of Metro Police who patrol around the areas that were affected.”Mniki said.

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