Zille files suspension submission with DA

Helen Zille

Western Cape premier Helen Zille has filed her submissions to the DA, stating her reasons why she should not be suspended.

Zille had until 5pm yesterday to make representations to the party about why she should not be suspended following a series of tweets in March in which she discussed the advantages of colonialism.

DA MP James Selfe confirmed just after 5pm yesterday that Zille’s submission had been received.

He declined to go into the detail of Zille’s submission, saying that he wanted to give members of the DA’s federal executive enough time to discuss the issues first.

Zille would also not comment on her submission yesterday, saying only that her representations were now the property of the DA which could only be accessed through Selfe’s office.

Zille said she would meet the party’s federal legal commission on Friday, a meeting at which she was entitled to be accompanied by a lawyer.

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