WATCH: Explosions, helicopters and action: SA Air Force ready for combat

The South African Air force demonstrated its air power capability in Limpopo at the weapon range outside of Makhado, on Thursday.

This year’s demonstration was addressed by the chief of the air force, Lieutenant General Fabian Zimpande ‘Zakes’ Msimang, and was dedicated to the youth of the country.

Spectators were treated to a display of military exercise including joint training with ground forces, displays by military transport aircrafts, BK-117 Helicopters and Gripen fighter jets.

The annual exercise also included displays of air rescue, resource supply and air strike support during conflict.

Msimang said that air power had always played a significant role in South Africa’s military strategy. It is “an indispensable component of the protection of national security and national interest.”

Msimang said that President Jacob Zuma (the Commander in Chief of the SA National Defence Force) had pledged to continue to support regional and continental processes to respond to and resolve crisis, during his State of the Nation Address in June 2014.

“This level of defence ambition requires our Defence Force to be appropriately equipped, resourced and trained in support of SA’s national security, national interest, foreign policy and promoting the African agenda,” Msimang said.

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