Van Breda statement to police sticks as evidence

Henri van Breda’s defence tried to get his statement made to police on the day his family was axed to death scratched from the record as evidence.

But‚ on Thursday‚ Judge Siraj Desai ruled that this would not happen.

Desai said: “I considered very carefully the arguments advanced by the respective counsels. The document is admitted in evidence.”

The reasons for the ruling‚ however‚ will only be given at the close of the main trial‚ which is expected to still go on for some time.

“The reasons will be given at the end of the trial‚” said Desai.

Van Breda’s legal counsel‚ Piet Botha‚ had argued that his client was pinned as a suspect right from the beginning but was then denied his right to silence or legal representation.

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