R40m supercar treat for petrolheads

DREAM CAR: Kobus Fourie invitingly dangles the keys to the R4-million McLaren 570S which will shortly go up for sale along with a host of other high-end cars in the new Supreme Xotics showroom in Kabega

McLarens, Ferraris for sale – and for hire!

A mesmerising R40-million supercar showroom, which is likely to leave petrolheads enthralled, will be launched in Port Elizabeth next month.

With price tags ranging from R300 000 to R4-million, the collection of 16 of some of the rarest and most powerful supercars in the country have made their way to Roshan Road in Kabega.

Visitors can feast their eyes on a McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and a Porsche.

Martin Kriel, businessman and founder of Supreme Truck and Trailer, and now of Supreme Xotics, said it took about a month for the concept to go from an idea to the upcoming launch.

“The idea came to me one day when I realised I wanted to share my passion for cars with the rest of Port Elizabeth and also give the city and its residents something unique,” Kriel said.

“So myself, my wife Carol and business partner Kobus Fourie started sourcing the cars, but it wouldn’t have been possible without BMW Finance and FNB.

“All the cars were bought in South Africa. We’re just waiting on small things like signage before we open our doors.”

He said a specific launch date was still pending but they had already sold a BMW M3.

The Lovemore Heights resident said several of the showroom cars were from his own garage – such as a McLaren 570S (worth R4-million), Alfa Romeo Giulia Race edition (R1.6-million), Nissan GT-R (R2-million) and a Mini Cooper GP (R350 000).

Carol said: “I’ve realised his passion for motoring can’t be contained. Sometimes I don’t even know he has bought one, he just pulls into the driveway with one of these supercars.

“I have tried to restrain him, but it’s not easy. He will buy a car today but doesn’t want it a month later, so he gets himself a new one.

“But we complement each other, both in marriage and in business, so I trust his decisions.”

Kriel said prospective clients could also request supercars, which the company would source and sell.

All cars are also available to rent at about R10 000 an hour, depending on the vehicle.

Asked whether Bay residents could afford the hefty price tag, Kriel said: “We are catering for an elite group of PE and Garden Route residents.

“Most of the time with these high-end cars, businessmen fly in from around the country to view and buy specific cars.”

Fourie said: “Location isn’t a major factor in this market as much as value and exclusivity.

“We aim to have the rarest collection of supercars, such as the Alfa and the Focus RS.”

While the estimated total value of the cars is about R40million, both Kriel and Fourie agreed the supercar with the most bang for your buck on the showroom floor was the Nissan GT-R.

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