62% of ANC voters disapprove of Zuma

President Jacob Zuma
Picture: Masi Losi

Some 62% of ANC voters polled by Ipsos disapprove of President Jacob Zuma while only 18% support him‚ suggesting that his continued presidency is exacting a heavy price on the party’s electability.

The poll‚ done in conjunction with eNCA‚ surveyed 3 500 adults between 21 April and 22 May this year.

eNCA reported: “Zuma’s current approval rating is the lowest score ever for any of the country’s democratically elected presidents.”

The poll suggests that Zuma’s support is in a tailspin after it showed he had the backing of 54% of ANC voters in December 2016.

Some 65% of voters said Zuma should resign.

The poll came as mounting evidence of Zuma’s involvement in “state capture” entered the public domain‚ causing senior ANC figures to distance themselves from him.

– TMG Digital/Rand Daily Mail

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