Metro tackling refuse collection problems

Refuse collection services in Nelson Mandela Bay, which have been disrupted since late last week, are expected to experience more delays today and tomorrow.

Appealing for patience, Bay municipal spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said labour-related challenges had led to the disruption of refuse collections, but had not entirely halted the service.

“The municipality is working tirelessly to bring the situation back to normal,” he said.

“While attempts to resolve the challenges continue, the municipality has put a contingency plan in place to limit the impact of the disruptions.

“Residents whose refuse has not been collected at the expected time are requested to take out their refuse during the day.

“If the refuse trucks fail to arrive, residents are asked to take their refuse back inside until the next day to avoid it being scattered by dogs.”

Mniki said residents who were in a position to dispose of their refuse at the nearest waste transfer stations were requested to do so, as this would assist in alleviating the collection backlog.

“We are not in position to discuss the details of the contingency plan, as we believe this will both compromise the plan and put people at risk,” he said.

“We can, however, reveal that refuse collection is in progress and we are making every effort to return to normal schedules.

“Residents can also contact their ward councillor for more details around collections.”

Extending the municipality’s apologies for the unexpected disruption to the refuse collection service, Mniki said the labour challenges did not constitute a strike and that the matter was around hours of work.

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