Attempted robbery foiled by alert security officials

THE AFTERMATH: Police on the scene at the Standard Bank in Rink Street

A group of burglars had to flee a Port Elizabeth bank empty handed at the weekend when security and police officials interrupted their heist.

Security officials alerted the police to suspicious activity at the Standard Bank branch in Rink Street, Central, at about 1am yesterday when they realised the CCTV cameras inside the bank had been tampered with.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the security officials noticed tampering of the cameras shortly before midnight.

“The bank’s security was immediately alerted and dispatched to investigate,” she said.

“Their head office notified the police at about 1am that there was movement inside the bank.”

Naidu said officers and security personnel had to break down a door to gain access to the bank, but by that time the suspects had already fled.

“Nothing was taken. Police confiscated implements used to break in,” she said.

According to a source, the burglars gained access to the bank through the roof.

Naidu said she was not able to confirm this as she was not allowed to discuss the modus operandi of cases being investigated.

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