WATCH: Women abusers should be pursued in the same way as ‘papgeld’ fathers: Mbalula

Police minister Fikile Mbalula has spoken out about how he watched his own sister being abused and warning the perpetrators that he would come after them.

Speaking during a briefing ahead of his budget speech‚ Mbalula said crimes against women and children have “engulfed the nation” and needed to be priority crimes.

Mbalula said his department would be working on new policies on the investigation of serial rape and murder as well as one on removing barriers to reporting on sexual offences and domestic violence.

He said he would be launching a new project in the next two weeks‚ which would be aimed at ensuring that women were not turned away from police stations‚ no matter how small their complaints were perceived to be.

“Those minor crimes lead to death‚” he said.

Mbalula said women abusers should be pursued in the same way “papgeld” fathers (fathers who don’t pay maintenance) were being tackled.

“The same way papgeld has been made a serious crime and those people are arrested at road blocks‚ we must arrest women abusers‚” he said.

“Abuse is a general problem that is psychotic.”

And while he had his officials in stitches telling stories of how he had “bankrolled” his girlfriend when he was younger with big cards that said “forget me not” and gifts‚ he said that societal problems like “blessers” added to the problem.

“That’s where the problem starts because you are giving these gifts with the expectation of owning someone. You don’t own anyone. You’ve got no right.”

He said “petty jealousies” could turn into violent crimes.

And Mbalula turned serious‚ recounting how as a young boy‚ he had witnessed his own sister being badly beaten.

He said he had gone to visit his sister and her miner boyfriend in Welkom. Because the boyfriend had money‚ he had promised to buy him new school shoes and “Christmas clothes”.

“This guy beat my sister‚ abused her and I had to leave that place. I left. I went at night in the rain to seek for help. My sister was abused and beaten up to the point where she was paralysed. I know this thing. It almost killed her.”

Mbalula told women “once a man claps you‚ even if you are at fault‚ go‚ don’t ever look back‚ don’t listen to uncles because they are not there at night when you are being clobbered” and told abusers “we’re coming for you”.

“Whether you’re a police man or a rich man with money. We are on your case.”

Other policies on the cards for his department are an anti-gang strategy and a use of force policy for SAPS members.

Mbalula also indicated that there would be a “new sheriff in town” by year end as he focused on filling leadership vacancies.

He said national police commissioner Riah Phiyega’s contract would come to an end in June. She has been on suspension since October 2015.

The national police commissioner is appointed by the President‚ in consultation with the Minister of Police.

“We want to wrap it up as quickly as possible‚” Mbalula said.

– TMG Digital/TimesLIVE

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