Woman caught in racist rant has a psychiatric condition‚ court told

Vicky Momberg, the woman who called a black police officer the k-word, is appearing in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court

Vicky Momberg‚ the woman who called a black police officer the k-word‚ has a “psychiatric” condition‚ the Randburg Magistrate’s Court heard on Monday.

Momberg‚ through her lawyer Joe Davidovitz‚ asked the court to bar the media from recording the case and from taking photographs in court.

“Because of my client’s emotional stress‚ she does not want cameras in court. She has a psychiatric condition and is under a lot of emotional stress‚” Davidowitz said.

The court confirmed a previous order that prevented the media from recording proceedings and from taking photographs in court.

Momberg‚ who took the stand on Monday‚ broke down in tears when her counsel asked her to tell the court how she had felt when her car was broken into in a smash and grab incident‚ which led to her racist rants that were caught on a cellphone camera.

The court had to adjourn to allow her to compose herself.

Momberg is facing four counts of crimen injuria.

She told the court that she is currently unemployed and lives with family and friends.

She does not have a permanent residence‚ she said.

Asked to describe the person who had broken into her car‚ Momberg said: “It was definitely a black person.”

The trial continues.

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