One shot, two arrested after high-speed chase

One person was  shot and wounded and  two others arrested after a high-speed car chase in Port Elizabeth on Thursday.

Members of the PE Flying Squad spotted a white Nissan bakkie at about 11am driving in Stanford Road, Korsten without license plates.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said  police followed the bakkie, and the  driver and his two passengers started looking around.

“The next thing, one of the passengers pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the police officials in the vehicle behind them. A chase ensued.

“Police then opened fired on the bakkie in an attempt to get it to stop. The suspects however did not shoot at the police.”

Naidu said  the bakkie came to a stop in a grass patch near Marock Road, Bethelsdorp, after the driver attempted to get away by going off road.

“The three suspects jumped out and ran away. A chase on foot ensued and one of the suspects was shot by police.

“He was hit  in the lower back, prompting him to drop the firearm,” she said.

“The firearm  was found near to where he was shot.”

Within minutes of the shooting, all three suspects were arrested.

“Detectives are profiling the men to determine if they are linked to any outstanding cases,” Naidu added.

The bakkie was impounded by police and the firearm sent to the ballistics unit.

“It is not known  why the suspects pointed the gun but failed to shoot. It is possible that the firearm jammed,” she said.

“The ballistics unit will test the firearm to determine where it was stolen and if there was any mechanical fault resulting in it failing to shoot.”

A case of attempted murder for shooting at the police officials is under investigation as well as pointing of a firearm and illegal possession of both a firearm and ammunition.

All three men are due to appear in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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