Fingerprints on axe scrutinised in Van Breda murder trial

A blank space. That is what the axe found at the crime scene of the Van Breda triple murder has offered by way of evidence.

The officer who dusted 12 Goske Street for fingerprints over the course of three days after the murder‚ has confirmed that no fingerprints could be lifted from the axe’s handle where the murderer would have held on tightly as he hacked Martin‚ Rudi‚ Teresa and Marli van Breda.

Henri van Breda stands accused of the murders and attempted murder of his sister Marli.

He maintains his innocence and claims he too was attacked by an unknown man.

A knife proved more useful: three usable prints turned up‚ and one is Van Breda’s.

The other two cannot be identified.

Defence counsel Piet Botha demonstrated in court how Van Breda’s fingerprints might have ended up on the knife in his scuffle with an alleged intruder‚ but the officer said he wasn’t willing to speculate.

He also described how he checked the boundary wall for any prints.

Before using special technology‚ he first checked with the “naked eye” and then sprayed a chemical that reveals if there are prints. But there weren’t any.

Botha asked if it could be ruled out that a man in gloves jumped over the wall and left no print‚ and he replied that it cannot be ruled out.

The case continues.

2 thoughts on “Fingerprints on axe scrutinised in Van Breda murder trial

  • May 18, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    If Henri wrestled the axe from the attacker and threw it after him, surely his fingerprints would be on the handle?
    One would think there would be a lot of blood spatter on the axe, aiding the transfer of fingerprints.

  • May 18, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Well, lets see .. Henri had 4 hours to wash off his fingerprints and smear blood on the handle. If someone axed a whole family to death with an axe and that person had 4 HOURS to tamper with the crime scene would that person leave the murder weapon for the police to find with his fingerprints?

    What type of family, takes Henri to see private specialists on the day the murders were committed so that the van Breda name doesn’t get affected? Seriously, think about it. And Marli’s own private lawyer has stopped any recordings or any testimonies given by her to be heard by the public. How come she won’t go under hypnosis to recall events, alas we will never know. Will she testify, we will never know. Alas the neighbours next door to the van Breda’s or the call operator is photographed and their testimonies put on news24. This case is an excellent example of white privilege and how wealth makes one untouchable.


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