Thieves steal 14 IPTS bus batteries

The theft of 14 batteries from IPTS buses will not affect the launch of the system next month.

It is unclear when or how the Volvo-branded batteries were stolen despite private security company Metro Security Services being hired to safeguard the buses.

The city’s political head of roads and transport, councillor Rano Kayser, said: “The service is set to launch at the end of June and the theft will not have any significant impact on the launch.”

He said three of the batteries had already been recovered by security officials.

The batteries – worth R7 500 each – were recovered near where the buses are stored in Markman.

Asked to explain how the theft could have happened, Kayser said: “Periodical site inspections for inventory purposes and refurbishment indicated that there are issues regarding the batteries and some smashed windows of the buses.”

He said a report would be submitted once the investigation was finished.

“The report has to be comprehensive, notwithstanding that the security company remains liable for any loss or damage incurred on the buses.”

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