Shocking slurs upset former Pearsonites

Young woman allegedly threatened, but man says his Facebook account was hacked

Shocking racial slurs – and threats of violence – have shaken two former Pearson High pupils who say they were threatened by a former schoolmate on Thursday. The young women, Sharni Ngakane and Siviwe Mhlana, both 22, say the threats were made as a result of a post Ngakane made that carried the hashtag #MenareTrash – a topic that had been trending on social media site Twitter.

The #MenareTrash hashtag started on Thursday in reaction to the murder of a Soweto woman, Karabo Mokoena, who was allegedly killed and burnt by her boyfriend.

The man who allegedly threatened the young women, however, said his Facebook account had been hacked.

Wayne Vorster, the man at the centre of the furore, said: “It’s one big mistake. I was hacked and I tried putting up an apology to the people involved on Facebook, which keeps getting deleted.”

A shaken Ngakane said she had shared a colleague’s post about murder victim Karabo Mokoena with the hashtag #RIPKarabo and #MenareTrash when Vorster commented asking: “How would you feel if I called you a whore?”

The posts, from Vorster’s account, continued in an increasingly abusive manner.

Ngakane said that Mhlana had tried to explain what the #MenareTrash hashtag signified but “towards the end he started calling us prostitutes and was just being unreasonable.”

Ngakane, who is based in Pretoria, said that prior to the Facebook post she had had no previous communication with Vorster since their high school days, saying they had not been friends but “sort of ran in the same circles due to having mutual friends”. Mhlana, who is based in Grahamstown, said she was not surprised by the comments made.

“The comments and post he made weren’t just racist but a mixture of every type of discrimination under the sun.

“I’m not surprised by the statements he made because there are people in society who still believe in what he wrote.”

Mhlana and Ngakane said they would be taking legal action against Vorster and were planning on going to their respective police stations to make statements to take the matter further.

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  • May 14, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I saw these racial slurs and it was so bad I couldnt share them on my own timeline because of the sensitive language used. What makes it worse is that so many people are defending Wayne and bypassing the victimisation he has done. It’s mindless.


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