DA willing to work with anyone willing to remove ANC

Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has reiterated the party’s stance that it is willing to work with anyone who shares its broad values and is willing to work towards the removal of the ANC.

“As leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA)‚ I have never shied away from the question of coalition governments‚” he told voters at a public meeting in Merweville‚ Beaufort West‚ in the Western Cape ahead of a crucial municipal by-election.

“Our stance has always been that we will work with anyone who shares our broad values‚ and is willing to work towards removing the ANC from every municipality‚ province‚ and ultimately the Union Buildings come 2019‚” he added.

Maimane said the DA believed that the ANC was past the point of no return and that there was no saving it.

“Like many liberation movements‚ they are marred with corruption‚ are engaged in the capture of state institutions‚ and possess a general disdain for vibrant multiparty democracy. The ANC does not represent the interests of the people of South Africa‚ and as such cannot be trusted anywhere in government.

“Let us continue to lead the way in a new brand of politics and governance which sees political parties coming together and putting the interests of the people first‚ by voting out the ANC and forming coalition governments across the country. I have no doubt that the recent emergence of coalition politics will only become more prevalent in the coming years – particularly come the 2019 National Elections.”

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