Police use rubber bullets, water canons on Kuyga protesters

Police fired rubber bullets at residents in Kuyga as a protest continued there for a second day on Wednesday morning.
Residents have been protesting against an education department decision to scrap scholar transport for some pupils in the Kuyga area.

The situation, which has been tense since Tuesday morning as residents are divided over how to deal with the transport issue, flared up on Wednesday when a protester threw a petrol bomb which landed next to a police vehicle, but failed to explode.
Police, in response, fired rubber bullets and a water cannon to disperse the crowd.
A protester who did not want to be named said: “This is war. We are fighting for the rights of our children. The officials do not understand because their children attend private school. There is no turning back.”
A police officer in charge of the scene refused to comment.

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