Two ‘gang affiliates’ sentenced in high court

Two men affiliated with gangs were sentenced in two separate cases in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Tuesday (09/05/17).

Pieter Petersen, 36, was sentenced to life for murder, 15 years for the illegal possession of a firearm and 18months for the illegal possession of ammunition. The sentences will run concurrently.

Petersen was arrested in March last year after shooting Randall Mabie, 34. Police heard gunshots and when they responded, they saw people running but Petersen was running in the opposite direction.

A chase ensued and Petersen shot at the police but he was arrested and a firearm was recovered.

In the other incident, Andrew Myburg, 19, was sentenced to 20 years for murder, six months for pointing of a firearm, six years for the illegal possession of ammunition. These sentences will also run concurrently.

Myburg and a friend were walking in Helenvale when they accosted a group of people outside a house.

An altercation broke out and he shot Monique Kiewiets, 28, several times.

Mount Road acting cluster commander Brigadier Keith Meyer welcomed the sentences.

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