Three lions tracked down after going rogue

Three of the five lions on the loose in Mananga area of Mpumalanga have been recaptured
File picture: Fredlin Adriaan

Three of the lions that escaped from the Kruger National Park have been tracked down‚ SA National Parks said on Tuesday.

“They have been spotted in a sugar cane area‚” said spokesperson Raymond Thakhuli.

“A vet has been sent up in a helicopter to see if we cannot dart them‚ but if that fails‚ we will have to wait until it is dark when they are not so active‚” Thakuli added.

It was reported that five lions had escaped from the Kruger National Park on Monday.

Rangers were still surveying the area in search of the missing two.

It was not immediately clear how the animals had gotten out of the park.

An intensive search for the lost predators began on Monday with several police officers‚ rangers and a helicopter being deployed to the scene.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency said some cattle had been attacked by at least one of the lions near the Komatipoort area earlier on Tuesday morning.

This is a developing story.

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