Kuyga parents in standoff over school transport

Residents in Kuyga disagree about how a lack of pupil transport should be addressed
Picture: Eugene Coetzee

There was a tense standoff between parents in Kuyga on Tuesday morning over school transport.

Police were deployed to the area as two groups of parents disagreed over how the shortage of school transport should be handled.

This after the education department pulled the plug on school transport for pupils to other areas such as Colleen Glen, Yellowwood and other farm schools.

One group, whose children do not have school transport, arrived at Kuyga Intermediary School demanding that pupils join their protest to intensify their campaign for transport for pupils who attend school outside the area.

But another group of parents intervened, quickly locking the school’s gates.

One of the parents, Momo Mpolose, 39, said: “We cannot have a situation where these parents prevent our kids from attending class. It is uncalled for.

“Today we are sitting at the other gate to avoid the other parents from removing our children from classrooms. That won’t happen.”

A parent from the other group, Thabile Mlalandle, 35, said they wanted the Kuyga Intermediary pupils to protest in solidarity with them.

“We want them to help us in our scholar transport struggle,” Mlalandle said.

“But when we got here, the school locked its gate and the other group of parents are not even sympathetic to the plight of our children who are missing out on class.”

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