Dumped baby found in meths-covered towel

Sister Sisanda Mpehle with abandoned baby ‘Unknown Thursday 01’ , at Dora Nginza Hospital.
Picture: Brian Witbooi

A newborn baby was saved from what could have been a painful death when community members found the little girl, wrapped in a towel soaked in methylated spirits, near the KFC at Njoli Square at 9pm on Thursday.

“We think the mother wanted to set the child alight,” Dora Nginza Hospital social worker Pamela Rubushe said.

She said doctors estimated that the child had been born between Monday and Wednesday.

At this stage the little girl is known as “Unknown Thursday 1”.

Her umbilical cord was still attached when she was found.

Rubushe said the child had been treated for exposure as it was cold on Thursday.

“We are thankful to the community member who phoned the police after he heard a woman scream on the phone: “What must I do with this thing of yours!” Rubushe said.

Eastern Cape Department of Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said they were desperately trying to find the father of the baby.

“If this was you on the phone, please get in touch with Rubushe,” he said.

He said the police brought the baby to Dora Nginza Hospital after they were phoned by community members.

Rubushe said the baby was doing much better and weighed 2.5kg .

“We are looking for anybody who may be related to this child,” she said.

She has been placed on a drip and is in an incubator.

Police spokesman Constable Mncedo Mbombo could not be reached for comment.

Rubushe can be contacted on 041-406 4328 or 041-406 4114.

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