Van Breda appears more perky in court

⁠⁠⁠Murder accused Henri van Breda at the Western Cape High Court
Picture: Esa Alexander

Impeccably dressed as usual, Henri van Breda seemed more engaged yesterday than before in the legal process that could lead to him spending life behind bars.

He is accused of murdering his mother‚ father and brother and the attempted murder of his sister at the family’s luxury home at the De Zalze estate in Stellenbosch in 2015.

The sixth day of the trial began with state prosecutor Susan Galloway questioning security guard David Wyngaard.

As they were on Wednesday‚ the technical details of the estate’s security system were scrutinised in minute detail.

Wyngaard said: “I would have driven past that house between six and seven times during my shift – there is a main road that goes past the cul de sac there.

“We go and look if any garage doors are open; we drive through the estate between the houses.

“If we see a garage door is open, we contact the owners.”

Galloway asked if it was correct that residents who lived on the estate knew that in the case of an emergency they could call security.

Wyngaard responded: “Yes. The number is on the vehicle.”

The witness tended to mumble and speak fast‚ infuriating defence counsel Piet Botha and Matthys Combrink‚ who repeatedly complained they could not hear him.

Earlier, Wyngaard could not hide his incredulity when Combrink suggested that two men could have scaled the high fence.

After smiling in bemusement‚ he told Combrink: “They won’t be able to get out because they check everyone who comes in through the front gate‚ and they can’t come over the fence because it is too high and they would get shocked.”

Combrink also asked: “So the entire estate is only monitored by two pairs of eyes [Wyngaard and Lorenzo Afrika]?”

To which Wyngaard replied: “We also have the help of people in the estate who make complaints and the dogs that bark.”

Afrika‚ who is also a security guard‚ spent four hours in the witness stand on Wednesday.

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