Omotoso had suicidal thoughts after arrest court told

Durban-based Pastor Timothy Omotoso is head of the Jesus Dominion International church group

Reading responding affidavits into record on the third day of Tim Omotoso’s bail application defence attorney Alfonso Hattingh said his client had suicidal thoughts after being arrested at the PE airport last month.

He also complained of poor conditions while being held at Mt Road police station and has had trouble sleeping.

Both Omotoso’s Nigerian passports were presented to the court, one contains a work visa. Access cards to the estate where Omotoso and his wife allegedly live were also shown as evidence.

Speaking through his attorney Omotoso claimed his arrest was unlawful.

Court has adjourned momentarily while the state consults with a witness they intend calling next.

One thought on “Omotoso had suicidal thoughts after arrest court told

  • May 5, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    (not too clear on what the HC application was about – please add info if on hand or cut out if not). Spectacular editing again.

    And really, “thoughts” are not enough. He should have finished what he started thinking of. Report back to us when that bloody pervert has actually done the planet a favour!


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