We’ve reached rock bottom‚ Lindiwe Sisulu says of ANC

Lindiwe Sisulu
File picture: Sibongile Ngalwa

With apparent divisions and factions forming ahead of the December elective conference of the ANC‚ the ruling party has never been in a worse state‚ said national executive committee member Lindiwe Sisulu.

She was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Military Veterans Housing Dialogue in Boksburg on Wednesday.

“We have been through this situation before. Yes‚ it is the worst‚ but things do get worse before they get better‚” said Sisulu‚ who is also human settlements minister.

Previously‚ when the party showed cracks‚ it was always able to mend itself‚ Sisulu said. The same had to happen this time around.

“It cannot get worse than this. We really are almost rock bottom. We can only go up now‚” Sisulu said.

She said that the ruling party could not lose its position until it had delivered on all its promises to South Africans.

“We have an election to win in 2019. That is our target because we have got to make sure all the promises we have made to our people‚ we deliver. It has taken people’s lives to get to where we are. We owe it to them to hold this ANC intact until we have delivered to the last of the clauses we have in the Freedom Charter‚” Sisulu said.

While she has been reported to be a candidate for the ANC presidency‚ Sisulu said that those who wished to be in the running should follow proper protocol.

About certain members seemingly campaigning for themselves ahead of the December congress‚ Sisulu said this was unprecedented.

“I think this is a first of its kind. We had always accepted that there is a certain way of doing things. You wait until the policy conference. After the policy conference‚ then you open the gates for people who want to stand‚” she said.

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