Controversial pastor Omotoso to appear in court

Tensions were high at the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court ahead of the appearance of controversial pastor Tim Omotoso for his formal bail application on Wednesday morning.

While groups sang struggle songs outside the building, inside a large contingent of people filled the corridor outside the courtroom where Omotoso is to appear on charges of sexual assault and human trafficking.

Those inside the courtroom, including the media, were instructed to switch off their cellphones with one Tactical Response Team (TRT) official saying he would “sort out” anyone who did not adhere to the instruction.

Shortly after the magistrate arrived in court the court was informed that the prosecution was still busy with the charge sheet.

Meanwhile outside the court, crowds – both in support of and opposed to Omotoso – gathered and were vocal about their feelings, singing and dancing with posters.

Pamela Mabini, 37, was among those “who are against Tim Omotoso”.

“I’m here to support the victims. I’ve been here from the first day and I’m still going to be here until he is sentenced. Those girls need us. And the law will take its course,” she said.

Pastor Edmore Muzavazi, who is from the Pretoria branch of Omotoso’s Jesus Dominion International church, said: “Everything I have is because of this man. I came to South Africa [from Zimbabwe] in 2006. I was a drunkard and a womaniser. But when I met this man, he changed my whole life. He gave me the bible and he showed me Jesus. That’s why I am here.”

Omotoso, who is at the centre of sex-abuse claims, was handcuffed in the restroom and arrested for human trafficking minutes after his flight landed at the Port Elizabeth International Airport on April 20.

He appeared in court the next day and the matter was postponed to today.

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  • June 3, 2017 at 12:59 am

    This is handiwork of people who are envious, demonic agents who are sent to tarnish the work of the living God. Please leave this man alone. He has been proving guilty or not, even if he is eventually found guilty it is our duty to raise up the arm of Moses any soldier can be wounded at the battle field. Prophet Timothy Oluwaseun Omotoso is a true servant of God.

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