Van Breda shows little emotion as court is shown unpublishable pics

⁠⁠⁠Murder accused Henri van Breda at the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday morning
Picture: Esa Alexander

Looking even more exhausted than last week‚ Henri van Breda was dressed in a charcoal suit with a tiny silver aeroplane attached to his lapel on Tuesday morning.

He showed little emotion as he sat in the dock in the high court in Cape Town for the continuation of his murder trial. Van Breda is accused of murdering his mother‚ father and brother.

His counsel‚ Piet Botha‚ started proceedings with a bang as he aggressively cross-examined Sergeant Adrian Kleynhans.

The officer was the first on the scene at the family home after Van Breda had alerted authorities to the killing.

At one point‚ Judge Siraj Desai reprimanded Botha.

Botha responded: “I do have a loud voice’’.

“Yes‚ you do have a booming voice‚ but it is not necessary to raise it‚” replied Desai.

Botha had also cautioned Kleynhans for glancing up at the public gallery after somebody’s cellphone rang.

But the main tension of the morning lay in the presence of a file of horrific photographs that detailed every inch of the bloody crime scene and the postmortems that followed.

Desai prevailed on the media to report on the photographs with discretion after Van Breda whispered to Botha that images of his sister Marli and other family members should not be made public.

While details of the photographs cannot be shared in the public realm‚ the response of members of the media was telling: some regretted looking at them given how disturbing they are.

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