‘Civil war’ claims another life in Cape Town

Yet another person has been shot dead in Elsies River‚ Cape Town‚ in an apparent gang war that exploded on Monday night.

Imraahn Mukaddam‚ the deputy chairman of a local community policing forum‚ told TimesLIVE that he is on the scene where a young man was shot dead at his home on Tuesday morning.

Police have yet to confirmed the latest shooting‚ which follows Monday’s killings.

Three people were killed on Monday‚ aged 50‚ 37 and 17. Ten others were injured and taken to hospital.

Mukaddam said the shootings are a result of a “silent gang war” that has been brewing in Elsies River for the past five months.

“We have a very difficult situation‚ very similar to a civil war because these guys are heavily armed‚” said Mukaddam.

Mukaddam said there had been weekly shootings but the war is escalating.

He is in touch with the police to try and come up with a plan to combat the situation.

“Our biggest problem is that there is a trust relationship between the police and the residents…people are very scared to come forward to the police with information.”

He said “none or very few” of Monday night’s victims are gang members.

“[It] would appear as if it was a case of mistaken identity. The drive-by shooters had presumed them to be a rival gang‚” he added.

In a statement on Tuesday morning‚ police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana appealed to the public to assist police with information regarding to Monday night’s shooting.

“Provincial Detectives are combing a crime scene in Tiara Road‚ Leonsdale‚ Elsies River for clues‚” said Rwexana.

“Strong partnerships between local community members and the SAPS of the Western Cape are important in contributing to the safety of communities where crime is rife.”

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