Truck driver caught filling tank from fire hydrant

A truck driver has received a written warning for filling a water tank from a municipal fire hydrant
Picture: Eugene Coetzee

A truck driver received a written warning after he was bust filling a water tank from a municipal fire hydrant in Walmer last week.

The white truck, with rockdrilling equipment and a 1 000gallon/3 785-litre water tank on the trailer, is owned by PE-based electrical and construction company Evabyte Cc.

The truck, driven by Morne van Vuuren, was pictured on Tuesday morning parked on a grassy patch outside the Pick n Pay store in Heugh Road, filling up the tank.

Metro police officers arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and shut off the tap.

An Evabyte employee, who refused to give his name when called earlier in the week, acknowledged the matter was under investigation by the municipality.

“It will be the company’s moral obligation to accept any punitive measures imposed.

“The employee in question acted contrary to company policy and will face disciplinary action,” he said.

Municipal spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said the driver, whom he identified as Van Vuuren, had been caught in the act by metro police officers.

“The water was extracted from the man’s truck and poured into the swimming pool at the South End fire station,” he said.

Mniki said officers on the scene estimated about 4 000 litres of water had been removed from the truck.

He added that transgressions of water restrictions were seen in a very serious light.

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