SAA’s cabin crew apply to change court date

The cabin crew of South African Airways wants the matter regarding their food allowances to be heard sooner than scheduled.

The SA Cabin Crew Association‚ representing the workers‚ said on Friday it was hoping to have their case heard in the Labour Court on Wednesday. The matter has been set down for June 23.

“Our lawyers have advised us to apply for the court return date to be brought closer‚” said deputy president of the association‚ Christopher Shabangu.

“They are filing papers now and these will also be sent through to the company‚” he said.

On Wednesday‚ cabin crew workers went on strike for an international food allowance.

SAA was granted an interim order stating that cabin crew should return to work immediately.

Their strike had caused problems at the airports with flights being delayed or cancelled.

Shabangu said the workers “are disappointed but felt victorious that their concerns were heard. Their intention was never to bring the airline down.”

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