Victorious Noakes takes aim at scientists he blames for ‘years of suffering’

Tim Noakes
File picture: Esa Alexander / Sunday Times

After winning his misconduct case‚ low-carbohydrate high-fat advocate Tim Noakes is putting the boot in to academics whose work was used against him.

In the latest salvo in a war of words raging in the pages of the SA Medical Journal‚ Noakes said the scientists who wrote a 2014 article had refused to address a string of errors.

The Cape Town sports scientist and British co-author Zoë Harcombe say in the May edition of the journal: “Given that only one error has been addressed and accepted‚ we may never receive an answer to our research question: was this mistake or mischief?

“We may also never know if Prof Noakes would have suffered for years in the way he has‚ had this article not made competence or conspiratorial errors.”

The 2014 article‚ published in the journal PLoS ONE‚ said low-carb diets were no better at producing weight loss than “isoenergetic balanced diets”.

Noakes and Harcombe say the “ostensibly innocuous” article was given “disproportionate consideration” during Noakes’s misconduct hearing in front of a Health Professions Council of South Africa disciplinary panel‚ which ended with a not guilty verdict last Friday.

The article‚ by scientists at Stellenbosch University and UCT‚ was mentioned 19 times by prosecution witnesses‚ they say.

However‚ “material errors have remained unanswered since October 2016 and unless addressed‚ they render the article worthless other than of retraction”.

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  • April 29, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Those Academics have a lot to answer for, but, in saying that, it has forced the world to watch and read about Professor Noakes and about the affects on health of a low-carbohydrate high-fat diet. With you all the way.


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