Two held after hijacking

Two suspects were arrested soon after a case of vehicle hijacking was reported at Kabega Park police station on Tuesday night.

It is alleged that the suspects, aged 22 and 25,  hijacked a  22-year-old  driver in KwaNobuhle after he offered them  a lift at about 8pm.

Once they had arrived at their destination in KwaNobuhle, the two men threatened the driver with a firearm and a knife. He  was shoved in the boot of the car and driven around but   managed to get out of the boot while the car was travelling on the Rocklands Road.

He reported the incident at Rocklands satellite station.

At about 11.30pm Kabega Park police members travelling on the N2 towards Baywest Mall spotted the vehicle parked on the side of the road on the N2 opposite Cotswold.

When the police approached the vehicle, they found it abandoned. Other police vehicles were alerted to look out for the suspects.

Another patrolling police vehicle spotted the two suspects walking on the N2 in the direction of the vehicle with petrol. They were found in possession of the driver’s cellphones. A gas pistol was also confiscated.

The two  were detained at Uitenhage police station on a charge of hijacking and are expected to appear in court on Friday.

Police are warning vehicle owners and drivers not to offer lifts to strangers as this makes them easy targets for  robbery and hijacking.

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