WATCH: Monster tart with caring heart

Brandwag High School showed off its sweet tooth yesterday when it unveiled a culinary masterpiece as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations – a 16m² fridge tart.

Partnering with the local branch of the ATKV (Afrikaans Language and Culture Association), 30 students and a handful of teachers decided to commemorate the school’s milestone birthday with a charitable event and a challenge to other branches of the cultural association.

“The Wellington branch of the ATKV made a milk tart with a 3m diameter a while back, so we wanted to go one up on them and issue a challenge,” English teacher Karen Basson said.

“So we decided to make fridge tart and added a whole metre to it.”

The end result: a square fridge tart measuring four metres in length and width.

The creamy dessert contained 300kg of yoghurt, 300 cans of condensed milk, 300 packets of tennis biscuits, 1 000 packets of jelly and a secret ingredient Basson did not want to share.

The tart was prepared in a makeshift pan and kept in the school’s staff room overnight, under two air-conditioners, to set.

The exercise cost about R25 000 and took the team more than eight hours to put together.

Kyla Steffens, along with Moyika Human, Kyla-Minette Steyn and Nerisha Adams, all in Grade 11, headed up the team of pupils that put the tart together.

“We finished around midnight on Thursday, but we loved the challenge, plus we got to eat the leftovers,” Steffens said.

“We know the tart is good, so now we just need to cut it and dish it up for everyone else.”

More than 3 000 portions were dished up. After every student had a helping, the remainder was distributed to old age homes and child care centres around town.

For the school’s 80th anniversary celebrations, they decided to tackle one big task every term, with this project being their event for the second term.

Principal Steven Zietsman admitted to having some doubts about the tart’s success, but said the manner in which it came together highlighted the school’s camaraderie and team spirit.

“When I started at Brandwag in 2015 I immediately felt the school’s strong family-like bond,” Zietsman said.

“We have strong traditions, a great team of people and, while something like this may seem odd, pulling it off took a great team effort.”

Basson said they now challenged other ATKV branches to better their project and create something interesting they could share with their communities.

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