Speeding bakkie smashes into home

REPAIRS UNDER WAY: Eunice Nkosana outside her home in Zwide

A pensioner’s Sunday night movie was interrupted by the sound of a bakkie ramming through a shack at the back of her house, followed by a loud thump and then the driver landing on her roof.

At 8.30pm, just as she had settled in to watching the 8pm movie, Eunice Mkosana, 65, heard the sound of what she described as “a gunshot going off next to my ear”.

The sound was, in fact, a white Mazda bakkie which ploughed into the wooden shack against her home in Qeqe Street, Zwide.

Mkosana said it was the second vehicle that had crashed into her home.

The first incident was in 2010, and while there were no fatal injuries in Sunday’s accident she said residents were angry as they had been pleading for speed bumps to be built in the almost 2km road for many years.

“I am just so grateful, that my son [who lives in the shack] was not injured. Luckily he had just left five minutes before to visit his girlfriend,” Mkosana said.

“But this is the second accident. The third time we might not be so lucky.

“After I heard the first bang, I ran out and the driver rolled off the roof.

“The problem is speeding, it’s a long straight road and residents have asked for two speed bumps since I moved here more than 20 years ago.”

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