Three arrested with wildlife carcasses in boot

Three men have been arrested near Port Alfred after they were found with wildlife carcasses in their vehicle.

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender said the three – aged 26, 30 and 57 – were pulled over by Warrant Officer Tertius Neethling of the Port Alfred K9 Unit as they were speeding into Port Alfred from Kenton on Sea at about 5am.

They were in a red and white Toyota Corolla.

“The driver said he was late for work, therefore he was speeding. On searching the vehicle, [Neethling] found the carcasses of two bushbuck, one grey duiker, one porcupine and a live dog in the boot,” Govender said.

“He heard strange sounds coming from a backpack in the boot. On searching the backpack, he found a dead springhare and a live grey duiker.”

Neethling also found a spear and two knives – all blood-stained – a spotlight with a large battery and two ropes behind the driver’s seat.

The wildlife was estimated to be worth about R18 000.

The men faces charges of illegal hunting or possession of endangered wild animals and eight additional counts.

“The driver was also issued with 2 warnings by an Inspector from the local SPCA for transporting a live dog in the boot and for allowing the duiker to suffer,” Govender said.

“The duiker had to be euthanised by SPCA.”

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