COPE accuses ANC of using same ‘dirty tactics’ as apartheid government

Dennis Bloem
File picture: Trevor Samson / Business Day

COPE has accused the ANC of using the “very same dirty tactics” as the apartheid government‚ warning that its “vigilante groups” would not stop the march to freedom.

“Paranoid Jacob Zuma and his securocrats have assembled a private army called MKVA to intimidate and instil fear into anyone who wants to voice opposition against his misrule‚” COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem asserted on Saturday.

“Then there is the Zuma/Guptas sponsored vigilante group called the Black First‚ Land First (BLF) who is going all over to cause chaos in the presence of the police and no action is taken against them. This is a similar pattern of what happened during dying days of the apartheid government‚” he added.

Bloem applauded South Africans for coming out in their thousands on Friday to demand that Zuma step down.

“We are encouraged by the determination and steadfastness of the thousands‚ black and white‚ who took to the streets‚ ignoring the intimidation and threats that came from the ANCYL and other ANC aligned thugs‚ to deal with those who dare to march against Zuma.

“COPE wants to remind the ANC that during our freedom struggle‚ especially during the 1980s at the height of the threat posed by United Democratic Front against apartheid and later in the 1990s after the unbanning of the ANC and other political parties‚ the apartheid government also unleashed vigilante groups to attack‚ intimidate and disrupt the people’s March to a democratic country.

“The ANC must know that yesterday was just the beginning of bigger things to come. The moral campaign to remove Zuma will be intensified over the next few days and weeks. On Wednesday next week political parties‚ including COPE‚ will march to the Union Buildings to demand Zuma’s removal from the Office of State President. On 18 April 2017, thousands of people will gather outside Parliament when MP’s debate a vote of No Confidence in Zuma‚ the people will not get tired until Zuma is no more in that office‚” Bloem stated.

“Congress of the People wants to assure the ANC that their vigilante groups will not stop the march to freedom; they can kill few of us but not all of us. Victory is certain – Zuma will go‚” he warned.

One thought on “COPE accuses ANC of using same ‘dirty tactics’ as apartheid government

  • April 10, 2017 at 9:22 am

    I know that there were many, many people who due to different reasons they could not be at the marches but we were all there in spirit. the ANC and Zama’s days are numbered. even the “blind” are now beginning to see that what the ANC and Zuma are doing to this country is not right. this will result in a shift of power from the ANC to someone else. the sooner the better.


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