WATCH: Man’s musical bid to make SA feel a bit better

With the internet flooded with videos depicting racism‚ child pornography and crime‚ and South Africans reeling from the passing of iconic people‚ earth tremors‚ and the cabinet reshuffle‚ the country could do with some love.

Enter Sais du Plooy. A video of him singing the 1980’s rock struggle anthem‚ “Weeping” by Bright Blue is making waves on social media – for all the right reasons.

He shot the video while driving back to Nelspruit from Johannesburg when he been to watch the Sharks vs the Lions at Ellis Park with a friend on Saturday.

The singing and beautiful message was inspired by a generous act by Bheki Shongwe who gave him tickets for the match.

Du Plooy said he posted the video online in an effort to make SA a better place after the tough time it had endured recently.

In the video he says‚ “I started to think‚ South Africa has really been through a few dark weeks. With many incidents taking place and so on”.

“But last night just told an absolutely different story. And I want to motivate everyone to just to take that small step towards making the country a better place. We have just got so much potential.”

His message to the country is that people should not be afraid of making new friend and “accommodate people with different cultural backgrounds and racial backgrounds”.

One thought on “WATCH: Man’s musical bid to make SA feel a bit better

  • April 8, 2017 at 10:40 am

    Stunning, what a great voice you have ! If we can all work together we can get out of the mess Mr Zooooma and co have put us in.
    Viva South Africa, Viva


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