We cannot be a state run by gangsters – SACP

The South African Communist Party has confirmed that President Jacob Zuma had informed them of his intention to effect a cabinet reshuffle.

The party’s second deputy general Solly Mapaila said Zuma did indeed plan to replace both finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas.

The party said it had decided to come out and say this in the open‚ to set the record straight.

“The SACP and the ANC have been engaged in political discussion in bilateral sessions‚” Mapaila said in a statement read at a media briefing in Johannesburg on Thursday.

“This last Monday those discussions continued. At the core of our discussions are the strategic questions facing our revolution broadly and our movement specifically.”

“The SACP wishes to state that as the norm‚ the President informed us of his intention to effect a cabinet reshuffle‚ replacing both Minister and Deputy Minister of Finance‚” the statement read.

“We recorded our objection to the intended reshuffle. However‚ after the meeting an unfortunate selective leak to various media houses has distorted the facts‚ sought to create a public impression the SACP is firstly responsible for the leak but secondly has agreed to the intention (to replace the finance minister).”

The party said it acceded that President Zuma had the constitutional authority to appoint cabinet‚ but at the same time he was an ANC deployee and had to implement ANC mandates.

The SACP said it had grown gravely concerned over the “growing abuse of state security organs and their meddling in daily political life”.

“We are aware of a rogue intelligence unit that in our view gathers data illegally‚ produces false reports and feeds them into the political and public domain to smear comrades.

“We have a responsibility not to allow ourselves to be run by gangsters nor degenerate into a gangster state wherein public office bearers and officials cannot discharge their responsibilities without fear or favour.”

The SACP said it had written to the Inspector General and the Minister of State Security in a bid to have him investigate the allegations of this “rogue unit”‚ but the complaint was treated “flippantly”.

More to follow.

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