WATCH: ‘Burglar’ forced to dig his own grave‚ buried alive

The video starts innocently enough. People are walking. They surround a suspected thief – buried up to his chest.

He’s been forced to dig his own grave. Cars drive past casually‚ a bystander bums a light for his cigarette. Thwack. The defenceless man is struck on the head with the back of a shovel.

This chilling scene played out on Monday‚ as angry residents of Dwarsloop village in Bushbuckridge‚ Mpumalanga‚ took the law into their own hands and threatened to bury a man alive.

Tumelo Dibakwane‚ who captured the moment in a cellphone video clip‚ said the police arrived just in the nick of time to rescue the man as the mob prepared to douse him with petrol and turn him into a human torch.

The same man was allegedly caught and beaten by residents‚ twice‚ in the past three months after they suspected him of breaking into homes.

“They caught him before but … this time they said that they were tired of beating him‚” Dibakwane told TMG Digital on Tuesday.

“Someone was suggesting they put petrol on him and burn him. If the police were late by five minutes‚ they had the petrol‚ someone managed to get petrol. The garage was just a few metres away‚” said Dibakwane.

The man is being treated for his injuries in hospital. Dibakwane said that he had spent an hour buried in the “grave” that he was forced to dig‚ while blows rained down.

At one stage in the video clip‚ a bystander picks up a pick-axe but he is hit instead on the head with a shovel.

Mpumalanga SAPS spokesman Sergeant Gerald Sedibe said: “There is no case that has been opened. The victim did not want to open a case. He was taken to hospital for medical treatment.”

Asked if police were aware of the claims that he man was a burglar‚ Sedibe said no one had come forward to open a case against him.

“The police condemn such behaviour where people take the law into their own hands. We urge people to follow the right procedure‚ should they suspect someone of being involved in criminal activity.”

One thought on “WATCH: ‘Burglar’ forced to dig his own grave‚ buried alive

  • April 17, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    You know what is really hilarious about this? The fact that nobody is ranting about the inhumane treatment of this individual, it is a case of oh well he deserved it and move on. So lets sum it up, he was beaten and forced to dig his own grave and the mob had fetched petrol to burn him alive but he was saved by the police and no charges have been laid.
    Cast your minds back a few months and you may remember the case where two white farmers forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to pour petrol on him for trespassing. Obviously they had no intention of following through seeing as they were filming the whole thing.
    They were charged and denied bail, the whole country including government was calling them racists and wanted the harshest punishment for them. These are the very same people whose lives are in danger every day just because they are white farmers.
    Basically if it is black on black it can be ignored but if a white man so much as looks at a black man it is racist. Nice job creating a free and fair democracy anc.


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