ConCourt challenge to Van Breda trial broadcast ruling

Lawyers for triple murder accused Henri van Breda and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will join forces and approach the Constitutional Court.

This comes after Judge Siraj Desai granted Media24 permission to live-stream the highly anticipated trial. Counsel for the defence and the NPA have indicated that they will approach the highest court in the land to appeal Desai’s judgment.

This is because they believe broadcasting the trial could impede Van Breda’s constitutional right to a fair trial among other things.

On Monday‚ counsel for the NPA‚ Hilton Epstein‚ slammed Media 24 because the company “waited until the 11th hour” to bring its application.

But Desai said he did not see a why the media should not be allowed to broadcast proceedings.

“We live in a more open society than before… We live in a time when the media needs to get information out quickly‚” said Desai.

Counsel for the defence and the NPA said they need all Desai’s reasons for granting the application before they can approach the Consitutional Court.

The murder trial is set to start at 2pm.

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