Nationals arrested for alleged drug trafficking

Two foreign nationals, aged 27 and 35, were arrested for alleged drug trafficking at a house in Lorraine on Monday.

This after police received information of suspicious activities at the house located in a complex in Sedan Street about three weeks ago.

Members from the Operational Command Centre executed a search warrant at the house at approximately 6pm.

According to police, more than R75 000 in cash was found in various parts of the house and 36 units of uncut cocaine, 500g of chlorine powder, two dagga capsules, 10 cellphones and packaging plastic bags were confiscated.

The street value of the drugs is estimated at R65 000.

The suspects’ VW Golf was also confiscated by the police.

The Nigerian men were detained for drug trafficking and falsification of documents and are expected to appear in court on Thursday March 23.

Mount Road cluster commander Major Gen Funeka Siganga urged communities to report drug dealing as “crime intelligence is vital if we need to catch the drug lords. Striving towards a drug-free society is something we need to work on together.”

“Port Elizabeth is not a drug haven and we will continue in our efforts in the battle against drug trafficking and substance abuse,” she added.

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