Security upgrade for all judges after theft

The Office of the Chief Justice will review its security measures, and those of all judges, following a burglary at the Midrand, Johannesburg, office early on Saturday.

Spokesman Nathi Mncube said the burglary revealed “a need to improve security”.

“This is an opportunity to review all security measures relating to judges.” The burglars made off with 15 computers, on some of which sensitive information about the country’s 250 judges was stored, from the human resources section of the office.

The Office of the Chief Justice is the administrative centre of the South African judiciary.

Speculation is rife about the motive for the theft. The burglars left behind most of the c o mp u t e r monitors, a source with knowledge of the investigation has said.

The source said the burglars entered through an emergency door and stole computers on the first floor but not those on the ground floor. Police spokesman Colonel Athlenda Mathe said the preliminary investigation was complete.

President Jacob Zuma has expressed concern about the robbery.

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