Walmer Links residents protest over crime

Walmer Links residents Picture: EUGENE COETZEE
Walmer Links residents

Fed up with crime, Walmer Links residents have been protesting outside the housing complex since Thursday morning (16/03/17).

Ward councillor Ayanda Tyokwana said residents are fed up with crime at the complex. “The issue of crime has escalated and promises made by the developers to deal with the issue have not been fulfilled.”

Residents said they are protesting because crime is a big problem in the area and police can’t focus solely on the complex because of other commitments. They said when they applied for houses at the complex they were under the impression that the area would be closed off and that a proper boundary wall would be built.

Executive director of home market, Lance Del Monte,  said there was no promise made of building a boundary wall at the complex. “I understand that security is an issue, however, people must understand that this is not a home scheme.” 

Del Monte told the crowd that he was not responsible for their safety. 

Resident Davidene Thorn said they were willing to build the wall themselves but were told they could not as there was a sewer line along the path.

Residents have threatened to halt any construction in the complex if Del Monte does not address their issue. 

“You are the developer, we want answers now. Call the municipality, bring your boss or someone who is responsible. Don’t take us for granted,” residents shouted. 

2 thoughts on “Walmer Links residents protest over crime

  • March 16, 2017 at 11:16 am

    do people no longer take responsibility for their own safety, we really are becoming a country of the “i want syndrome” anybody in their right mind would have know that safety would be an issue.
    so causing distress to others will resolve this issue how???? protests and damage seems to be the song that is sung daily these days.

    • March 16, 2017 at 8:15 pm

      True spoken words Dallas.
      Im the person in the picture standing next to my vehicle.
      That is were i was left standing after the residents did’nt want to let me out!
      Nor could my child go to school or my girlfriend to work!
      Im a proud home owner and took the time and money to make sure we are safe in our yard and home… unfortunately like you mentioned the rest is on a i want / moan strike.
      They mention in the article that this is a “COMPLEX” and unfortunately it was never zoned as a complex but rather as individual housing.
      Anyone can go check this at department of housing “BRISTER HOUSE”
      If the residents can understand that then they will have a better understanding but knowledge is not key in this matter!


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